HV-International Properties.

Huveane Capital Ltd is a private limited liability company registered in England and Wales (registration number – 10789114).  The company operates in the real estate space through HV-International Properties, and the international money remittances space through Huveane Money Transfer.

HV- International Properties specialises in international real estate services. We provides buy, sell, rent and construction services to international clients, with specialist coverage of emerging and developing countries. We also provide real estate advisory services to individual, corporate and institutional investors in looking to buy, sell, rent out and / construct properties in a range of emerging and developing country markets. 

Our Real Estate Expertise

Our team is focused on sourcing, advising and providing a tailored, end-to-end real estate services solutions to enhance our clients’ objectives across the emerging market and developing world. We have extensive knowledge of the emerging market and developing country real estate markets we operate in, allowing us to offer increased investor value and optimal returns on a variety of residential assets.

If you are an investor searching for property investment opportunities or a second home please contact us today to discuss how HV- International Properties can help you.

Our Locations Coverage

Our coverage areas include Africa and Asia. We also provide specialist search and secure services for real estate through our global network and partnership. So, if you are an investor, developer, individual or institutional investor, get in touch with us today.

Expert Property Investment Solutions

HV- International Properties is delighted to assist you in the future success of your real estate investment plans. For any of your investments in the emerging and developing country real estate sector, HV International Properties is here to guide you.

Contact our experienced team today.

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