Buying a property will generally be one of your most expensive investments. It could also be one of the most stressful purchases you will ever make. With this reality, buying a property (or when you live abroad) in another country, will generally be fraught with risks of losses, lack of knowledge about the local property market, but more importantly, unnecessarily paying over the odds.

At HV-International Properties, we take the risk of losses, lack of local knowledge and risk of paying over the odd out of the equation when buying properties abroad, especially in emerging and developing countries. If you are looking to buy property (residential and/or commercial), our specialist team will handle and manage the whole process for you, giving you the confidence and peace of mind knowing that we got your back.

Why choose HV-International Properties?

As part of our spectrum of property buying service, we provide the follow to give you that confidence and peace of mind.

  1. Property due diligence (verification of legal status, verification of title deeds and ownership, charges on the property, local area reports, major infrastructure projects, local area property prices).
  2. Manage the full conveyancing process
  3. Lease the property on your behalf.
  4. Manage the payment of all statutory taxes on your behalf and send you all payment receipt.
  5. Transfer your funds (from UK & USA) free of charge, through HV-Money Transfer (our sister service).
  6. Deliver your full and completed property documents to you by secure delivery with 2 months.
  7. We give you updates all the step through your dedicated account and purchasing manager.

Want to do construction? Our provide specialist personalised construction services for residential, luxury homes and commercial properties.

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