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At HV-International Properties, our strength lies in our knowledge of property markets in our countries of coverage.  Additionally, we know what ‘perfect home’ means. Whatever your property needs are, talk to us today. We will do the leg work for you, with you having the full confidence that experts are working for you, and you will be absolutely delighted with our finds.

Our team of specialist agents work on behalf of retained clients to find and secure properties in a range of emerging and developing countries. Our tailor-made service gives you a personal agent from the beginning of your search through to completion of your purchase.

Working with our specialist agents and leveraging our networks, we regularly secure properties off or pre-market. As we would work independently for you as our client, we are able to offer the best advice on price and any other issues that could impact the property purchase. Our aim is always to secure the best possible purchase price, using our strong negotiating skills, often saving more than the costs of our service.

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