Sell your property to International Buyers / Investors.


Are you looking to sell your property to international buyers or Investors? Talk to HV-International Properties today. We specialise marketing and selling properties (both residential and commercial) to an international buyers in United Kingdom, United States of America and Europe. . Our clients trust us to provide the best real estate services and have confidence to buy through HV-International Properties.

What puts us above the competitions?

  1. Our specialist knowledge and expertise in real estate services.
  2. Our spectrum of services from buying, selling, renting and construction means we got you covered.
  3. Our extensive database of clients from our sister services means that our services are much more targeted and effective.
  4. We have the global reach and complementary International Money Remittance services (

Easy Steps to sell via HV-International Properties:


1. Valuation

Your HV-International Properties agent will visit when it’s convenient for you. Our agent use their experience and local knowledge to value your home, explain why they’ve arrived at that number, and chat to you about how they can help.

2. It’s your decision

When you’ve had time to think and you’re ready to put your property on the market, just let us know. You can do this online or by calling your agent, whichever you prefer.

3. Choose your fee

Choose one of our fees packages that works for you. Either pay upfront for our best value fixed fee, choose to defer payment, or wait until your property is sold.

4. Your advert

The local agent who valued your home will create your advert. When you’re happy, they’ll list your home on HV-International Properties and direct market to 1000s of our cross-service customers in the U.K, U.S.A and Europe.

5. Viewings

Whether you host viewings yourself or ask our local agents to take care of them, they’ll happen whenever its convenient for you. Your agent will use buyer feedback to make viewings even better.

6. Sold

Your local HV-International Properties agent and their team will handle offers and negotiate the best price (all with your approval). They’ll be there every step of the way until your home is sold and everything is settled.

Get in touch with our customer services team to reach a targeted database of international buyers/investors.

Why choose HV- International Properties to Sell your property?

  1. We prepare all the selling report (verification of title deed and ownership, reports of any charges, local property market reports etc)
  2. Prepare your property advert for you.
  3. List your property on HV-International Properties platform and direct market (into the inboxes) to 1000s of our cross-services customers in U.K, U.S. A, and Europe to optimise sales
  4.  Process all international payments for you through HV-Money (our international money transfer service).
  5. Get paid in USD or GBP within 7 working days of completion of sales and receipt of payments
  6. We provide updates all the step through your dedicated sales agent.

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